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Dual roles is not the process of acting together, it is the process acting upon one another.  Various challenges are faced by actors whilst performing dual roles in films.  Apparently, challenges are preferred by Actors. Initially logical observation is required to grasp the difference amidst the two roles. An actor could groom the skills by enhancing different aspects such as the voice and physical movements. It is essential for an actor who is performing dual roles to acquire attention in the thought process and the understanding of the story line. “Dual consciousness” is required whilst performing both the roles.  

The actors could espouse “trinities’ concept which was introduced by Lessac. Behavior, physical and vocal preparation encompass under the trinities. Additionally, it is required for an actor to perform in accordance to their perceptions of the roles. The body language plays a vital role in dual roles. An actor performing dual roles gets connected with the audiences by showcasing the attitude and feelings in the voice. Exploring the roles in the film is very important to inherit the character of the roles within an actor. The actor will have to undergo three stages in the process of exploration. The first stage involves the process of repeating a single line dialogue with potency and radiance respectively in two different styles based on the perception of the character. The dialogue (of the character of the particular role by the actor )is then repeated with the correlation of mind and body.  The next stage comprises the process of tuning the voices in accordance to the role plays a crucial role as well. Final stage is the important stage in the process of exploration. The third stage involves the process of connecting the particular role with the rest of the people in the scene. Based on the trinity concepts and the exploration process, the actor performs with complete dedication in the scene and connects themselves with the third person in the particular scene.

The actor could create imaginative circumstances based on the perceptions of the roles in the films and try performing certain actions. The actor could also be a self-observer in order to ascertain the outcomes of the actions as well. It creates a positive influence on enabling the actors performing dual roles to perform with complete awareness of the requirements of the roles and connect with the third person in the scenes as well. The dedication of the author enhances the involvement in the particular scene and reduces the shyness and the unstructured scenario as well. The expression of the actor is enhanced based on the perception and the logical understanding regarding the dual roles in the film. The correlation amidst the body and mind nurtures the expressions of the actors playing dual roles in the films. 


Prithi kannan


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