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 As a sincere police officer in Thangapadakkam

In ‘Thangapaddakam’, the honest cop was required to arrest his corrupt son Srikanth. He is sandwiched in the middle and was clear in his perception that all are equal before law. Before imprisoning his son, Sivaji joins in the party with his family and sings with K.R. Vijaya, “nallatoru kudumbam, palkalai kazhakam, anbumani vazhankum. But when he takes Srikanth to the police station, he literally cries: “nee thirunthitennu ninachene”. Likewise, when his superior orders him to nab the nation-traitor Srikanth on the day of his wife Vijaya’s demise, he salutes by controlling his tears with “yes sir, kadamaithaan mukkiyam, thesa throgigala azhiche theeruven”.


Playing dual role in Enne Magan

In ‘Enne Magan’, Sivaji’s dual role has captivated the audience. The film was a remake of Hindi version ‘Beimaan’, with Manoj Kumar and Raakhee in the lead. Sivaji also did the role of the constable, who later became the Inspector Pran. Sivaji, with one role, as an expert in opening even difficult almirahs with his key, regrets that the marriage of his lover Manjula was abruptly stopped, as the bridegroom’s family had suspected her affair with him. To ally the suspicion, he admits that he went to their residence to rob money for his sister’s marriage. When the father Sivaji comes to know about it,  he lashes him with his belt. When the truth emerges, he cries uninterruptedly: “enda ippidi senje”. Likewise, he boldly challenges before the Inspector General V.S. Ragavan that his son will not choose the wrong path, while lodging a complaint with him against his notorious son Balaji for attempting to rape his daughter. The father-son duo clicked magnificiently. Sivaji’s manasatchi(conscience) goes against him initially while allowing the smuggling team to leave the forest, but the conscience pricks him all of a sudden “nermaiya, Magana” and opts for the former. The song ‘Neengal attanaiperum uttamar thaana sollungal, ungal asai nenjai thottu parthu kollungal, ullavanellam nallavanavan, illathavane pollathavanan bhumiyle” has become so popular that the people till date remembers the voice modulation of Sivaji and sung with effortless ease by TMS.

As a industrialist with lost wife in Avanthan Manithan

In ‘Avanthan Manithan’, Sivaji lived the life of an Industrialist, who faces insurmountable problem in his life. For instance, he loses his wife after the marriage. In a particular scene, he was required to save the life of Muthuraman’s younger daughter drowning from sea. Sivaji, in his own inimitable style scolds Mutthuraman for his careless attitude: “Ippadiya porupillama vittutu porathu, inime ippadi irukkadeenga”. The moment, he realizes that, the heroine Jayalalithaa, whom he wanted to marry, fell in love with Mutharaman, he hastened to advise his servant Major Sundar Rajan without expressing his disappointment : “seekarama kalyana erpadai kavani”. When Muturaman misunderstands him and scolds him for poking his nose in his family affair, Sivaji replies calmly: “thapputhan, naan konjam adhikama orimaiyi edukitten”.


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