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As a innocent but mentally challented person in Engirintho vanthal

In ‘Engirontho Vanthal’, Sivaji as a mental patient had carved out a niche for himself with his electrifying performance. When he realized that he had virtually raped Jayalalithaa owing to his insane activity, he feels that he stooped so low and apologises to her with “ennai vittu pogathe, nee illama naan irukkamudiathu, ennai mannichudu. When she was firm in leaving the house, he begins with the song “Naan Unnaiazhaikavillai, en uyirai azhikiren”. When Sivaji gets cured, he finds Jayalalithaa reacting with utmost joy. Out of curiosity, he asks: “yaar entha ponnu”, much to the shock and disbelief of the heroine. When Mutturaman, as a guest actor, clears the doubt in the climax scene, Sivaji asks Jayalalithaa again to forgive him with “ippa enakku nijamave suninaivu vandacchu. Eni nee than enakku ellam.” This was a re-make of Hindi film ‘Khilona’ performed by Sanjeev Kumar and Mumtaz in the lead.


As a robber-leader in Iru Duruvam

In ‘iruduruvam, Sivaji acted as a robber-leader with unimaginable acting. The film was a remake of Hindi film ‘Ganga Jamuna’ with Dilip Kumar and Vyjyanthimaala in the lead. Sivaji shows his displeasure in an exemplary manner when the villain refuses to help him out to protect his younger brother. When the circumstances force him to become a thief he warns the villain: “en thambikiethavathu aachu summa vida matten”. In Praptham, Sivaji recalls the earlier birth with the heroine and directress Savitiri and utters: “Amma nyabam irukka, ponajanmathelee naan sonnene, aduttha janmatthuleyum seruvomnu.” This film was also a re-make of Hindi titled ‘Milan’, done by Sunil Dutt and Nutan in the lead.


As a farmer fighting for his rights in Kulama Gunama

In the film ‘Kulama Gunama’, when fight for the property crops up, Sivaji asks his younger brother Jaishankar to weigh him with ‘Thulabaram’ against the vessels. When the late James Bond of Tamil Cinema, could not understand its relevane, Sivaji explains him in a ‘ganeer(clear) voice: “naan venumna enthapakkam vandu nillu. Illa anga irukkara pattram pandangalai edundu po”.   


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