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As a devoted father and village head in Devar Magan

‘Devar Magan’ has posed a challenge for Sivaji. The father-son duel between Sivaji and Kamal occurred over the beauty of residing in one’s mother land than of deciding to settle abroad. When Kamal questions his father’s outdated views, Sivaji counters him “entha mannoda vasanaiya patthi unakku ennatheriyumve. Nee enga ponalum entha mannukku eedaka mudiyathu”. Kamal later said, Sivaji outperformed him in that film. He further averred that Nadigar Thilagam acceded to his request to focus on 1990 era, instead of going back to his penchant for 1960-era.


Sivaji’s detractors always dubbed him as an actor, who indulged in over-acting. Cho Ramaswamy, the actor-satirist, however, said, those who accuse him for that, do not know anything about acting. For example, when the criticism emanated from a section of people that Kattabomman was a coward ruler and never indulged in melo-drama, Cho wanted to get it clarified from Sivaji. The Nadigar Thilagam, immediately performed before him with three type of role for the character ‘Kattabomman’, and asked him to choose the role he preferred. Cho, without an iota of doubt, chose the role done by the class actor in ‘Veerapandiya Kattabomman’.

Sivaji has given heart and soul to his roles. People, in general, looked more at the characters of his films than of the gifted actor. The former Egypt President Nasser had honoured only Sivaji, apart from the late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, speaks volumes of his popularity all over the world. When the French Government award ‘Chevaliye’ was bestowed on him, the entire world looked at his achievements with awe and happiness.

Sivaji was an inspiration for the actors who followed him. Gemini Ganesan once said that only after Sivaji entered the tinsel world in Tamil cinema, the people started watching more films. The musiccomposer and director, Gangai Amaran said recently in an answer to a question in the weekly Thuglak, where the questioner wanted to know why Sivaji has not been rewarded, considering his immense talent,Gangai Amaran replied: “innikkum ella nadikarkalum nadikumpozhu thangalai Sivajiyathan munnodiyaga vaithukolkirigargal. Anda ondre podhume sivaji imayam enpatharku”.

Many actors will come and go, but Sivaji will be remembered for ever.

 There are many such films. One can go on. The list is endless.

Marlon Brando once said ‘Sivaji can act like me. But I cannot like him’. Devika said: pattiramakave marividuvar, parpavaraium emattri viduvar’. Kamal Hasan said recently when asked about his acting influence on his daughter Akshara. “When I am having the influence of Sivaji Sir’s acting in my performance, my daughter will certainly have my identity”. Fair enough. 

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