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New Website Holds Key for Movie Aspirants Entering Movie Industry

Key2films Launches new website bridging the gap between movie aspirants looking to enter the film industry and movie makers looking for fresh talent.

Key2films is the new website that showcases the talent of prospective movie aspirants and links them together with registered movie makers throughout the industry. The site allows users to upload photo images and videos of themselves for free and allows film professionals to select the right candidate and contact them directly for a chosen role.

Key2films eliminates the middle man and the wasted time and hassle of running around to multiple agencies. Varied selections of aspiring candidates are presented on the site with no fees and no delays. Directors and producers can browse through the images, select and then wait for a response. The candidate will be informed of the selection and once they approve, both the candidate and the film professional’s email ID will be swapped thus establishing the link.

There are  simple steps when it comes to registering for potential instant celebrity status.
Movie Aspirants:
1) Register
2) Choose category
3) Upload images or videos

Movie Makers:
1) Register
2) Choose Category
3) Choose artist of choice

Choose from a variety of different film categories including Actors / actress / female models / male models /child artists / character artists/ photographers / makeup artists / cinematographers / dancers & choreographers / singers / musicians / directors / producers / special effects / location providers / prop providers / sound recordists / writers & screenplay / costume designers / stunt artists / model co-ordinators. Those who sign up for a free account have the chance of being featured on Key2film’s Facebook page, Instagram Page, Twitter Page, LinkedIn where fans can like and share the showcased talent via social media.

For more information visit https://key2films.com

About Key2films
Website developer, Key2films is the newest key for all movie aspirants looking to enter the movies. The website, designed to the talent and movie makers together in 3 simple steps, allows users to upload their images and videos for free to showcase their talents to the entire film industry. Unlike agencies, there is no middle man and no delays when it comes to potential fame. When a movie maker finds a Key2Film candidate right for their role, they get in touch with them directly.


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