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Playing Ten Roles

Kamal Hassan played ten different roles in the movie Dasavatharam. He had to get make up done for hours together to get all the different roles right. A brief look at the roles:To play 10 different roles suitable clothing and make up that perfectly match the respective character is very essential. In the movie Dasavataram, Kamal hassan plays ten different roles where the clothing and make up for each character makes the character itself. Along with the makeup the body language-gesture, voice modulation-way of speaking make the perfect character for the different roles played.

1.Krishnaveni - Old lady:

Kamal Hassan has played the role of a ninety year old lady where she loses her senses as she is unable to accept the fact that her son had died at a very young age and keeps believing that her son will come one day to meet her. When a postman comes saying that her son had sent her a parcel she becomes Happy (parcel which was not actually sent to her).When the other kamal(to whom the parcel actually belongs) comes asking her for the parcel, she will not get convinced and argues with him thinking her son only had sent it to her.

Make Over 90 year old grand mom (a widow)-Krishnaveni patti

Clothing: Simple khadi sari worn in a traditional way which was the custom followed during olden days when the wife wears it after her husband dies.

Hair: Tontured head with small stubs of hair.

Hands and Face: Make up for wrinkled skin over hands, face, ears and neck regions. For brow and lashes, very little fine grey Nails, Eyes and Teeth: Artificial nails grown, uncut, hard, stiffened and darkened (due to age) may be used. Make up for wrinkled and half closed eyes can be used. Lens that of a blurry vision with no life and devoid of expressions can be used for this role. For mouth, toothless mouthpiece along with stained few teeth can be fixed.

Accessories: walking stick.

Body: hunch on the back (due to age)

2.Balram Naidu - RAW officer:

Here Kamal Hassan plays the role of a CBI officer who suspects the scientist Kamal to be a terrorist (thinking that the scientist carries the parcel containing a deadly virus to kill someone) and interrogates him in a disrespectful way. He also assumes that the scientist is a foreigner blabbering some nonsense when he tries to explain about how dangerous is the virus.

Make Over: CBI officer-Balram Naidu 

Clothing: Safari suit usually worn by higher cader police officials.Hair: Wig of a thick, wavy hair with the broad forehead exposed.

Face: Make up for fluffy,plumply looks,including thick brows and dropping eyelids.Also,a very thin moustache grown just below the nose.

Body: Tummy attached to the clothing.

3.Govind - BioScientist:

In this role Kamal Hassan is a scientist who tries to save the world from the deadly virus which has the potential to destroy a huge mass of lives including all living creatures. He goes in search of the parcel containing the virus.

Make Over:ScientistClothing: Casual pant with t-shirt and shirt over it. Face: Simple and ordinary makeup is used including clean shaven face and close hair cut.

4.Ranga Rajan -Vaishnavite:

Kamal Hassan played the role of a very staunch vaishnavite and pious devotee of Lord Vishnu born during the 12th century ruled by worshippers of Lord Shiva. The King of that period when asked the Vaishnavite to pray Lord Shiva he refuses to do so and gets drowned under the sea as the punishment from the King.

Make Over:12th century Brahmin priest Clothing: Dhoti worn in a traditional way and the sacred thread worn over the bare chest. Hair and face: Traditional pigtail , a little beard grown over the face ,the U-mark on the forehead, neck, shoulder, abdomen depict a typical Brahmin priest. Accessories: Bead strings around neck and wrist, Ear studs.

5.Khalifullah - Pathan:

Kamal Hassan plays an abnormally tall Islamic guy,whom the RAW officer meets during an accident.

Make over:A 7feet tall guy Clothing: Pyjama kurti (Islamic attire)Body: Artificial very long legs may be used for this role.Face: Mask and external makeup.Accessories: Talisman.

6.Christian Fletcher -Ex CIA:

The villain Kamal Hassan as an ex CIA in search of the deadly virus, comes to India to create a bio war.

Make over: Christian Fletzer (villian) Clothing: Blazers Face: Mask resembling the character's features is used here and for hairstyle the wig was pinned over the mask. External makeup is given over the mask for brows, Fairer skin tone, thinner lips and respective lens were placed. Accessories: pistol,glasses. Body:That of a broader and muscular kind attached to the body and clothing is used.

7.Shinghen Naraha – Japanese Martial Art expert:

Kamal Hassan played the role of a Japanese Martial expert where he goes in search of the villian Kamal (Ex CIA)in order to take revenge on him as his sister was killed by him.

Make overChinese manClothing: Traditional Chinese robe. Hair : Wig of a traditional Chinese hair style (very long thin ponytail) is Face: Mask resembling Chinese features including thin eyes, flat nose, thin lips and external makeup for attaching the thin long typical Chinese moustache.

8.George Bush – US President:

Kamal Hassan played the role of the former American President George Bush listening to the scientist's speech when he take credits for preventing a Bio war to be caused.

Make Over George Bush Clothing:Blazers Face: Similar to the one used for the villian role (mask resembling to george bush features) Body:That of an old mans' little skinny physique-broad shoulders with a little hunch.

9. Avatar Singh -Pop singer:

A very popular singer suffering from throat cancer who does not even bother about his illness and sings in a very high pitched voice (till he vomits out blood) for his die-hard fans.

Make Over Punjabi singer Clothing: Grand sherwani with creative zardosi and heavy kundan work.(as he plays the role of a famous celebrity singer) Face: Make up including unibrow ,fully grown beard, fairer skin tone depicting a typical sikh.Accessories: turban, pashmina shawl.

10.Vincent Poovaragan -Dark Kamal from Nellai:

In this role, Kamal Hassan plays a very fluently speaking tamil man who dies saving a child.

Make Over Dark Tamil speaking man Clothing: Very ordinary pant and shirt. Face: Dark skin tone, lens for bigger protruding eyes, thick brows and thick moustache grown just above the lips, darkened lips.Hair: Wig for a bushy hair do is used.Except for the two roles -12th century priest and the scientist, for all the other roles masks made of the required make up material and lotions matching the skin tones(of the different roles) were used all over the face, ear, hands and neck regions.

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