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Playing three roles

Sivaji Ganesan's triple role in "Deiva Magan"

Sivaji Ganesan played three roles in the movie "Deiva Magan" as that of Father and two sons.

The story is that the father has an ugly scar in the face. When the first child is born, he notices that the baby has the same scar on his face. He tells the doctor to kill the child. However, the doctor does not do so and the child is brought up in an orphanage. The second child is born normal and raised by the father with pomp.

After several years, the first son with the scar comes to know that he is not an orphan. He visits his parents while they are asleep and also has a brief encounter with his younger brother. The father comes to know that his first son is alive, gets angry and confronts the doctor. The doctor confesses that he did not kill the first son. The father, gives the doctor a "blank cheque" requesting it to be handed over to his first son for the welfare of his future. When the doctor hands over the cheque to the first son, he refuses to accept it and says he would return cheque to his father and goes to visit him. While he is talking to his father, the second son also enters the scene, thus making all three characters, played by Sivaji Ganesan himself making it a memorable scene.

Things to be noticed in the three characters:

The father has a sophisticated hair style with a stylish beard, showing off the richness of the character. First  son’s hair style is rugged, indicating that he had been brought up in an orphanage. Second son’s hair style is modern, romantic with richness and sophistication thrown in.

The Father’s voice is stylish, soft but strict. It has a base tone. First son’s voice is rugged, loud and emotional Second son’s voice is cute, teenage type and innocent.

Clothing is different Father’s clothing, though before bed time, is sophisticated and richness is shown. First son’s clothing is rugged. Ordinary shirt with an ordinary pant. Second son’s clothing is stylish, romantic and richness is shown.

Walking style is different    The Father’s walk is stylish, small steps at a time First son’s walk is rugged with quite a few quick movements Second son’s walk is stylish, innocent and romantic.

Face looks different     Father’s face has a scar on one cheek, eyes expressing calmness and under control. Emotions are played down to the minimum Second son’s face also has a scar, very emotional, eyes opening up always Second son’s face is clean, joy, mischievous, with mouth chewing a finger showing a carefree attitude.

Interesting facts on this scene:

Mr.Aarur Dass, who has written the dialogue for this movie, states some interesting facts about this scene. He says when Mr.Sivaji Ganesan came to know about the lengthy dialogue that he had to deliver as the first son, was not very happy. Sivaji wanted the writer to re-write into smaller dialogue. Mr Dass, refused saying it was specially written for him and not for any small time actor. When Sivaji asked how he would have written for a smaller actor, Mr Dass recited a smaller line. After hearing to the smaller version of the dialogue, Sivaji insisted on saying it. However, Mr Dass refused point blank and said to Mr Sivaji Ganesan, that he is not a small actor and that he is the one and only Mr Sivaji Ganesan. After that Mr Sivaji acted with the lengthy dialogue. The fim's director, Mr.A.C.Thirulokchander wanted the lengthy shot of this scene to be trimmed. He watched the scene several times at the editing table but did not know where to cut. He was so impressed with Sivaji's acting that he just left it. This scene is more than 7 minutes long.

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The Scene: First son, enters the room.

First Son: "Father having abandoned the child, child in search of the father...meeting finally, what a beautiful moment".

Father: (Spell bound and shocked).

First Son: "Why are you not able to speak? You are hesitating how to speak, and i am confused what to speak. Do you recognize me?

(Father Nods ...)

First Son: My name is Kannan. The name that ought to have been known to me from you but is being told by me to you. There isn't any one around us right?

(Father nods...) Can i call you "appa" (daddy) once? Only once?

(Father nods in grief...)

The first son calls "appa" aloud and the father calls his name "Kanna" and they embrace each other in happiness. After a few minutes, the first son suddenly withdraws.

First Son: " I am sorry. I came only to return this (pointing to the "blank" cheque) Here is the blank cheque which you had given to me through the Doctor."

Father: " Kanna, this is for you. This is for your future."

First Son: In strong denial, "There is neither past nor future for me. What right do i have to take this money? At the same what criteria you have to give me the money?

Father: "Though i am not eligible to give you, you have the right to accept it. Because you are my son, I am your father.

First Son: ( In astonishment) "Are you my father? Am I your son? Is it how our relationship has been so far? (Goes and hits the mirror)Let bygones be bygones. Since I am here can i ask you some questions?"

Father: (Nods in acceptance).

First Son: "I am your first child, right?"

Father: "Yes"

First Son:" I have heard parents shower immense love on the first child especially if it is a boy. Is that true?"

Father: "Yes, it is true".

First Son: " No, it is a lie, at least in my case. Dad, when i was born also weren't you as rich as you are now?"

Father:"Yes".(in agony)

First son: "Then just because i had been born with scars, did you consider me as a trash and threw me away? Did your dad do the same to you?"

Father: "What?"

First son: "The thing is you were also born with the same scars, right? Did your father discard you?"

Father: "No"

First Son: "Why?"

Father: "Because he was good looking and he couldn’t understand this sort of suffering."

First Son: "No. Your father was poor. That’s why he had love, affection, mercy and sympathy. But my father is very rich. He had only safe vault in which he had locked his cash and pride. That's why he rejected his own son.

Father: (Sadly) "Kanna"....

First Son: "Having conveniently forgotten that you are responsible for my looks, you hated , ignored me and made me roam around like an orphan. Instead you could have killed me when i was born itself".

Father: " Oh, that’s what i wanted to be done.(twice), because i knew that you would question me like this one day if you are alive....Raju, the foolish doctor didn’t do what i asked him to do. Only recently i came to know that you are alive...otherwise..."

First Son:" Otherwise?..." You yourself would have devised a way to kill me, right?

Father : " Kanna (son's name), I am now the accused. The past is the evidence. You are the judge.I don't want to justify my actions. I am ready to accept whatever punishment you give me.

First Son: "Very briefly you explained your stand. Dad, does mom know about what had happened.

Father: "No . Do you want to her know?"

First Son:No not at all. I am supposed to be dead. Let it be so. More over my mother looks beautiful. Let her not know that she has a disfigured son like me. My brother alone deserves to be her son. I don’t want to create mess in a cheerful family like yours. Let my secrets be with you alone.

(Second son walks in, first son hides in a hurry )

Second Son:"Dad, i need some money".

Father:" Is this the time to ask money?"

Second Son: "Oh, excuse me dad. I knew that you were awake. I didn’t want to disturb you in the morning when you are about to go to the office.

Father: "Hey, why do you always think about money alone. Why is it that you come to meet me only when you need money?"

Second Son: "No dad, my hotel....."

Father:"Damn! Your hotel. Enough of you doing hotel business, close it down immediately".

Second Son: "Yes dad, i have decided to close it down. Unfortunately some mistakes had happened. To set it right only i need some money.... (Now he looks down at the signed blank cheque and feels happy.) Oh Dad, knowing my needs you had already signed a cheque for me, how sweet of you. Dad, can i fill up the cheque with whatever amount that I need?" (Father looks up at his first son, who requests to give the cheque to his younger brother, through his gestures.)

Father to Second Son: "Take it and get away. This is your last time asking for money".

Second Son: "Thank you dad! Good night". (Gives a sweet flying kiss and leaves)

First Son: (Gives sweet flying kisses to his brother as he comes out from behind)."Dad, did you Realize that your money had reached to whom it actually belonged".(chortles)

Father:"Kanna...."(in tears)

First son:"Why are you so strict with my brother?He is the only heir for your entire riches".

Father:" Being the only son, his mom (here he pauses....and then correcting himself) Your mom has pampered him a lot."

First son:" My brother is very lucky."

Father: " No Kanna, he is going in the wrong path. I heard that people around him are not of good character. I am fearing that he might get in serious trouble."

First Son: "Don’t worry dad. I will pledge myself and save his life".

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