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How to Act Drunk

One of the toughest jobs in acting is to act drunk. You need to act sober and show that you are not drunk. Acting drunk has been effectively used in movies in showing emotions – comedy and tragedy. When a person is acting drunk, care should be taken to show the whole body in a free/loose way. He/She should not have any inhibitions towards the characters around them. Further, if the character has anything “hidden” in the mind, all of it should come out open, when drunk. Because, liquor brings out whatever you had in mind but afraid to say so to the other characters because of decency. For example, if you wanted to make fun of another character as “fatso” normally you wouldn’t do it. However, when drunk, you are likely to call the character as “fatso” without any problem. Similarly, suppose the character wants to accuse another character of personal nature, then the opportunity arises when drunk. Body, head, hands, legs all should move around in the most free manner because the character is least bothered about other characters’ opinion or judgment. Unleashing out oneself is the ultimate aim of introducing a drunk scene.

Here, in this scene, Amitabh Bachchan is drunk and talking to himself in the mirror, after being hit black and blue by a guy. Simply hilarious scene and excellent acting by Amitabh Bachchan.

Enough! Got enough beatings? Are you happy? That’s the reason I told you not to drink liquor. ..not to drink…not to drink…it is a very bad thing. If you had not drunk, you think Jahaiya would have hit you? (repeats twice) Brother Antony, you could handle ten people at the same time by yourself….but you are not listening to me….you always listen only to drunkards..look at your face! Take a look at your face again (repeats) See how badly you have been beaten up. You look like a typical idiot (repeats) Now , you stand still…. I will apply medicine for you…stand still… don’t move…Hey, don’t move..stand still…steady…steady…See, this ointment will burn your wound, but don’t shout, I may get angry. It burns slightly right? It will burn, I know. That’s why I always tell you not to drink liquor. Drinking liquor is very bad you know? Now, I will fix bandage for you. Don’t worry, by tomorrow morning all will be o.k.! Don’t worry…don’t worry. O.K. Brother, now I want to go and sleep…you go and I will also go…Good Night!

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Sharukh Khan in Devdas

The film follows Devdas (Shahrukh khan), a wealthy law graduate, who returns from his studies in London to marry his childhood sweetheart, Paro (Aishwarya Rai). However, the rejection of this marriage by his own family sparks his descent into alcohol, ultimately leading to his emotional deterioration.The following scene is where Shahrukh Khan is drunk and conversing with Madhuri Dixit who actually loves him and tries to stop him from drinking.

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Dharmendra in Sholay

Dharmendra acts drunk in a scene from Sholay. He is in love with Hemamalini and wants to marry her but her grandmother does not approve of the relationship. So, he climbs a water tank and threatens to commit suicide if he is not married to Hemamalini. A hilarious scene with good acting by Dharmendra.

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Sandra Bullock in The Heat

In this movie, Sandra Bullock plays the role of a FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Melissa McCarthy as plays the role of a Boston Detective Shannon Mullins. To get acquainted with each other, they visit a bar and they both get drunk. Excellent piece of acting from Sandra Bullock.

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Denzel Washington In Flight

Denzel Washington played the role of a Pilot in the movie Flight. He is an alcoholic and gets involved in a plane crash. Though he is an extraordinary pilot, the alcoholic habit of his puts him into a lot of trouble.

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Kamal Hassan in “Salangai Oli”

Balakrishna (Kamal Haasan) is an economically disadvantaged but multi-talented dancer, adept at the Indian classical dances of Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam,Kathak, etc. Fondly called Balu, his simple and honest soul does not permit him to attain professional success in the commercial world that requires a certain level of moral laxness. Madhavi (Jayaprada), a wealthy young woman and a dance patron, notices his talent and acts as his benefactress, helping him secure an opportunity to participate in a high-level classical dance festival.

Balu's aging mother passes away from the afflictions of poverty two days before the performance. Balu, who was very attached to her, is emotionally devastated and fails to participate in the dance festival. Madhavi nevertheless gives him support and encouragement and sets him on the mend. Balu gradually develops a fondness for Madhavi as their relationship grows. He hides his love for her but eventually picks up the courage to express it. Balu discovers that, while Madhavi shares his feelings, she is a married woman separated from her husband. The husband later returns to unite Madhavi and Balu, but Balu decides to sacrifice his love showing respect for the institution of marriage.

The years pass, and Balu, a disappointed man, has become an inconsolable alcoholic and a newspaper journalist/art critic. Meanwhile, Madhavi's husband dies, and she hears about Balu's condition. In a bid to revive his will to live and his passion for his art, she tends to his medical needs, through his friend, Raghu (Sarath Babu) and solicits Balu to be the dance master for her daughter, Sailaja (SP Sailaja).

The film ends with Sailaja's stage performance with Balu watching her in a wheelchair, his health having completely deteriorated. While watching the performance, he passes away. Raghu and Madhavi are seen taking him away quietly, without interrupting the performance, back to the hospital.

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