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Comical Acting - Learn from

Jim Carrey

Ballistic Comedy With a Message

Jim Carrey is a comedic icon par excellence. Over the years he has entertained cinema-goers with his extremely difficult brand of comedic performances. Although some of his performances have been over-the-top, they have always been acted out with great intelligence. One of his most memorable and extremely ballistic role was in the film Ace Ventura When Nature Calls, a sequel to the extremely popular film Ace Ventura Pet Detective, which had established his superstar status along with The Mask.

Jim dons the role once again of the master detective who retrieves lost animals, this time he plays the role with more oomph and even more cantankerousness than the first film. When his services are requested in the retrieval of a sacred African bat, whose loss might start a tribal war, Ace is at first hesitant to accept the proposition, since he is mentally recuperating in a Buddhist ashram after losing an animal during his last assignment. With characteristic intelligence and facial contortions he tells the liaison man “Your request is not unlike your lower intestine; stinky and loaded with danger”.

After being convinced by the senior-most monk he travels to Africa. In a memorable scene, the liaison man indicates to Jim that the destination is around the other side of the forest, but before that man could complete the sentence, Ace thunders the Jeep into the heart of the jungle, a sheer act of comedic genius, which no doubt would have had its origins in Jim Carrey’s spontaneous wit. The liaison man is shell-shocked by Ace’s behavior and almost has a stroke when Ace finally flies out of the forest to land the Jeep after rolling it 360 degrees multiple times in a cramped parking space.

The very next scene again shows the genius of Jim, who no doubt would have influenced the script. After watching the ambassador maneuver his horse with a stick, Jim plucks the stick out of the ambassador’s underarm and gives him a thump before even greeting him and says, “Funny, it didn’t seem so painful when you were doing it to the horse”.

The film is filled with gems like these including a show-stealer scene, in which when prompted to enjoy “the fruits of nature” by a vampy rich woman, who wears an entire animal hide as sort of a fashion accessory, he punches her diminutive companion into unconsciousness and parades him around as his own fashion accessory. All these scenes have great physical comedy, which one can safely say no can emulate, but what elevates these scenes to the hall of fame is the underlying razor sharp intelligence of the actor who no doubt must have filled in these scenes impromptu into the script.

The underlying message for all young and old comedians alike is this, you may buffoon yourself and get yourself tangled into all sorts of physical contortions to elicit a laugh, but to be remembered forever for your comedic performance, it always needs to be acted out on a bedrock of razor sharp intelligence and empathy.

Jim Carrey a Leading Hero Played

A Negative Character in the Film Batman Forever.

James Eugene Jim Carrey, a versatile comedian hails from a poor family and was a school dropout when he was young. Jim rose to fame in the year 1994 by playing the hero role in the film “The Mask” which was a runaway hit and made millions of dollars. He has also given many successful films as hero and got many coveted awards. Though he was a versatile hero and comedian, he has also played a negative role brilliantly in the film “batman forever” which became a runaway hit in the year 1995 and grossed millions of dollars. In this film Jim played the role of the villain character named “The Riddler”.

Edward Nygma/The Riddler (Jim Carrey) starts his career as an employee of Wayne Enterprises and invents a device to beam television directly to a person’s brain. Edward’s idol Bruce Wayne was not happy with his invention and rejects the idea since “it may raise too many questions”. But Edward goes ahead with his plan and works overtime to invent the device. Head ofthe Research Department, Mr. Fred Stickley discovers the clandestine work of Edward and the two ends up in a fight. Nygma knocks down Fred and uses the device on him to extract the details from his mind after tying him on the chair with the tape. Realizing Wayne was right, Fred fires Nygma out of the company. Edward gets angry and kills Fred and showcases the murder as suicide.

Edward then resigns from the company and perfects the brain manipulation device into a system and names it as “The Box”. Then, using his device he joins hands with likeminded person named Two Face and plans for mass production of the device. They become partners-in-crime to expand their business and starts their new company named “Nygma Tech” and starts selling their new device to citizens of Goutham city. But the device also comes with a disadvantage of augmenting Riddler’s intelligence.

Riddler intelligently captures the mind of the citizens and also finally discovers the Wayne’s alter ego personality as “Batman”. Riddler on one Halloween night enters the premises of batman and kidnaps the batman’s girl friend Dr. Chase to his island leaving a riddle. Batman cleverly unlocks the riddle and finds the destination of the Riddler. In the end Batman wins and Riddler become a psycho who ends up an asylum. Jim Carrey has portrayed perfectly the role of the Riddler and became a show- stopper in that film. His acting skill as a villain was above par and received rave reviews in the media.His costumes stole the show and make up was amazing.


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