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19 Oscar Nominations  Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep(bornMary Louise Streep; June 22, 1949)is an American actress of theater, film and television, widely regarded as one of the greatest actresses of all time. She has been nominated eighteen times (more than any other actor/actress in history) for an Academy Award, winning three.

 Different Looks in each film 

A cry in the dark-1988
August Posage County-2013
Julia & Julia-2009
Kramervs Kramer-1979
Music of the Heart-1999
One True Thing-1998
Postcards from the Edge-1990
The Bridges of Madison County-1995
The Devil wears Prada 2006
The Iron Lady-2011
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The Deer hunter 1978 – played the role of a girl friend

In this movie, Meryl Streep plays the lover of Robert Di Nero and Christopher Walken, juggling them both. Though her second movie, she played the role convincingly that she was nominated for the best Supporting Actress for the Academy Award. Meryl Streep was recommended for this role by Robert Di Nero, who had seen her perform in a theatre. She played an American girl friend, with simple hair style with simple down to earth costumes.

Kramer vs Kramer 1979 – played the role of “out of control” wife

Won Academy Award for Best Supporting actress

When Meryl Streep heard about the role in Kramer vs Kramer, she was actually shooting for a Woody Allen movie and playing a theatrical play in Central Park. Stanley Jaffe asked Meryl Streep as to how can she act in a Woody Allen movie, a theatrical play and in this movie. He also told her that this is a very important movie. Meryl had replied that since she appears only in the beginning and at the end of the movie, she can manage it and more over told Stanley that she is a repertoire actress and could manage several roles at a time. The character that Meryl Streep played had to be liked by the audience immediately because she was going to leave a child suddenly in the care of the father. With her innocent looks, she could do the role with ease. It was very important that Meryl Streep not be rejected by the audience for leaving the child and then coming back to claim him, as this would mean painting a "villainy" character which is not to be meant. The role was basically a mentally ill, out of control character who does things without giving any explanations.

Meryl Streep plays the role of Joanna, wife of Ted Kramer (Dustin Hoffman). After giving birth to a son, she feels she has always been a daughter, wife, mother and wants to find out who she really is. So, she leaves Ted and son Bill and goes to California. After 15 months, she returns back and tells Ted Kramer that she wants her son back. She goes to the extent of filing a case. However, in the end, she realizes that it is best for Bill to stay with Ted. This role is a bit complex as it has some negative shades of a character that just vanishes without showing parental responsibility. However, Meryl Streep played it convincingly that she was nominated for an Oscar.

Here is the scene where Joana meets Ted and asks for the son back. She tells that now she is ready to take care of her son, Bill. WATCH VIDEO

Here is the scene where Joana tells Ted that it would be best for Bill to grow up with him rather than her.WATCH VIDEO

The French lieutenant's woman 1981- played double role as lover

Meryl Streep doubles in the role of Sara and the American actress who plays her, while Jeremy Irons essays the dual role of Charles and the handsome Briton playing Charles.

The film intercuts the stories of two affairs: one a Victorian period drama involving the gentleman paleontologist Charles Smithson and the complex and troubled Sarah Woodruff, "The French Lieutenant's Woman"; the other between the actors "Mike" and "Anna", playing the lead roles in a modern filming of the story. In both segments, Jeremy Irons and Meryl Streep play the lead roles, but in line with John Fowles' source novel having multiple endings, the two otherwise parallel stories have different outcomes. In the Victorian story, Charles enters into an intensely emotional relationship with Sarah, an enigmatic and self-inflicted outcast he meets while visiting his fiance Ernestina (Lynsey Baxter) in Lyme Regis.The two meet secretly in the Lyme Regis Undercliff, and eventually have sex in an Exeter hotel. This leads to Charles breaking off his engagement, but Sarah then disappears. In social disgrace after being sued for breach of promise, Charles searches for Sarah, fearing she has become a prostitute in London. After three years, Sarah, who has a job as a governess in the Lake District, contacts Charles to explain that she needed time to find herself. Despite Charles's initial anger, he forgives her, and the two are reconciled. They are finally seen boating on Lake Windermere. In the modern story, the American actress Anna and the English actor Mike, both married, are shown as having an established affair during the making of the film. As filming concludes, although Mike wishes to continue the relationship, Anna becomes increasingly cool about the affair, and avoids Mike in favour of spending time with her French husband. During the film wrap party, Anna leaves without saying goodbye; Mike calls out to Anna from an upstairs window as she drives away, using her character name, Sarah.


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