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Established Movie Aspirants




Tara Emad, an international Egyptian model has also visited and registered in our website recently.Some of her works in modelling industry are here below.





Tara Emad in Paris And Versailles Photo Shooting With Jorge Cordova

 Pub Tara Emad



A very young artist who registered in our website in the year 2011 had contributed a lot to the film industry for many social causes.




Field in short film making

  1. Direction
  2. Editing
  3. Artist
  4. Other

A description about her:

She is professional magician, who also enjoy being a director, actor, singer, dancer, editor, writer,drummer, keyboard player, etc. She wishes to explore more fields in life. Presently more focused into film making and magic, her debut short film on a social cause PAARAASAKTHI , written, edited, sung, produced and directed by her, is in its final stage to get released!

Awards/Recognition :


1.She had been honoured with “National Child Award” for Exceptional Achievement in the field of Magic and Music, by the Union Ministry of HRD, Government of India in the year 2005.

2.She bagged the highest mark award for stage conjuring competition (juniors) - organized by International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA. It is an international Award 2006.

3.She is the recipient of “ Yuva Kala Bharathi” Award in the year 2006

4.Shewas also honoured by the RANK award instituted by Air India for going beyond academics in 2006.

5.State topper in a subject (Communicative English) breaking record after 13years in the state, in Higher secondary Board exam.

6.She had been nominated for the PADMASHREE award.

7.SHe has performed more than 450 magic shows in the past 14years.

8.She has casted magic spells for the tsunami orphans to make them forget their losses.She has also conducted shows for various locations in and around Thanjavur district, and donated the fund collected (Rs. 2 Lakhs) to the relief fund.

9.Performed several charity shows for the betterment of mentally challenged, street children, and many others.

10.She had been performing series of shows at my school every year on the eve of children’s day to raise funds for school’s Charity inititives.Picture

11.She had performed for mentally disabled, hearing impaired and juvenile children.

12.Most of my performances are creating awareness on social evils and issues, charity and fund raising shows.

13.She performed in “Maya Logam” for Vijay TV and “Maya Maya” of DD1 - Pothigai TV.

14.Acted in tamil serials, shortfilms, advertisements,anchored TV shows,live shows,etc.

15.Written articles for magazines; she was a student reporter for TOI during my school days.She had contributed articles on the know-how of simple magic tricks under the title “CHOO THANTHIRAKKALI”- a series, in the popular Tamil monthly for children, CHUTTI VIKATAN and lot more.

16.She had musically rendered the poems of the “Sangam Age” divine poet Avvaiyar’s devotional poems Aathisoodi and Kondrai Venthan in my voice, and it had been released as an Audio Compact Disk by Dr.K.Kalimuthu , the then Hon. Speaker of the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly, in 2003.

To be brief, She had won State ,National and inter-national award winner for her academics, magic, music and service.












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