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As a lover caught between two women in Irumalargal

In the film ‘Irumalargal’, when Padmini tries to dodge him that her family compulsion prevented her from marrying him, Sivaji replies menacingly: “ithuthana kaaranam. Idhainee mudalleyee solliyirukkalame, rumba periya thappu pannitte” the audience watched him with awe and sympathy. Some of them were even angry with Padmini for ditching him. Likewise, when K.R. Vijaya was trying to commit suicide, Sivaji runs like a panther and cajoles him with “nee illama ennala erukkamudiathamma, thayavu senju ennai vittu pogathamma”. With their little daughter and Padmini around, the entire theatre went into rapt silence and slowly most of them were started wiping their tears. Likewise, his action and wide-ranging expression for the song “Maharaja oru maharanai, inda iruvarukkum evil kutti ranni”, lyrics by late Vali and sung by TMS had enthralled the audience. People also loved the dance-drama sequence with Padmini with the song “Madhavipon mayilal thogai viritthal”.


As Thirumangal Azhvaar in Thirumal Perumai

In ‘Thirumal Perumai’, the character ‘Thirumangai Aazhvar, confronts the king ‘Sivakumar’ as a thief. Little did the realization dawned on him that Maha Vishnu has come to test his devotion. Sivaji indulges in robbery to build a temple for Lord Narayana’. Despite snatching everything from the king, Thirumangai Azhwar is finding it difficult to remove his toe-ring(metti), the prince laughs at him with a wicked smile and reveals his identity. Sivaji, much to his chagrin and discomfiture aplogises to the Lord. In an earlier, scene, when the king Nambiar presents him with array of gifts and prizes, the puzzled Sivaji, as another king, before becoming Thirumangai Azhwar, quips with his mesmerizing smile: “Ethu konjam adhikam”. Sivakumar, later wrote in a weekly, how Sivaji took the trouble to perform the scene, despite the unhealthy surroundings, where a renowned actor of his caliber would shudder to enact a scene. “Most importantly, he did not for a moment felt and suffered from inflated ego that he was touching and keeping the mouth on the leg of a much junior actor like me. For Sivaji Sir, only the scene mattered. I have never seen such a dedicated actor in my life”.



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