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  True interactions with models -

Lessons to learn

These are some of the true incidents faced by a photographer while shooting for a model portfolio. Please make sure such mistakes are totally avoided.

Coming in groups

While coming for the shoot, some models come in groups. It could be either family members, friends , parents, brothers, sisters and so on.As long as the people accompanying the model do not interfere with the photographer everything is fine. Otherwise there is big trouble.

In the photographer’s words:

“One day I had scheduled for portfolio photography for a guy. He had come with his father, uncle, brother and uncle’s son. I told them they can sit and watch while the shoot is in progress. However, the way they intercepted the work was horrible. Each one saying what pose the guy should give and each one suggesting lighting angles, it was very difficult to shoot. The guy understood the problem but could not say anything because his father was paying for the shoot. Finally I had to tell them strictly to be quiet so that shoot can go on”

“In another instance, a girl had come for the shoot along with her sister. Initially the girl was quiet but after some time started telling her sister as to how to pose and that she was better than her sister in posing for shoots. This made the model very conscious and every time a shot was taken, she used to look at her sister for approval. It became worse, when the sister’s boy friend also entered the studio. Now, even he was giving suggestions and the photo shoot ended in a disaster.”

“One day, a girl had scheduled a shoot and there were six of her classmates along with her, two guys and four girls. You can imagine the commotion that would have happened. Right from make-up, posing techniques, fixing of backgrounds, choice of clothing – everywhere there was interference by way of suggestions. You won’t believe, half way through the photo shoot was cancelled”

“Another funny but unforgettable incident was when a lady had come along for a photo shoot along with her two kids. Elder one was suggesting her mom right from make-up to costumes to posing techniques and mother was totally embarrassed. The younger boy was hyper active and he would suddenly run towards his mom and start hugging her. She had to initially tell in a soft voice to be seated in one place but by the middle of the shoot the softness turned harsh and by the end of the shoot she had to physically drag him out of the studio!” Please note that doing a portfolio shoot is very important for your career and you have to do it professionally. Kindly avoid too many or any person accompany you especially if they are going to create trouble.

Not being Punctual

“Very rarely do aspiring models keep up the timing. There are many occasions where the models turn up hours late putting to waste precious time of the photographer and the studio. The worst thing is most of them are not even apologetic and this attitude needs to change.”

Please make sure you are on time for the photo shoot and if you are going to be late kindly inform the photographer well in advance so that it can rescheduled and also please develop the habit of being courteous and extending your apologies.

 Not being fit and fresh

“Some models take photo shoot for granted. They attend late night parties and take the work too lightly. They turn up for the shoot with tired eyes, mind and body and cannot work after couple of works. They assume that using image editing software like “Photoshop” can come to their aid. This attitude should change. If you need to work for eight hours, please make sure you get enough sleep and you remain fresh throughout the day”

Ignoring Make-up and Hair Style

“Models generally do not understand the difference between daily make-up and make-up for photography. Photography make-up is done to suit the model’s face and the dress that he/she wears. It may be slightly exaggerated so that it enhances the beauty of the model. Some models, without understanding this fact, end up looking dull and lifeless in photographs.

Hairstyle is another area that needs to be given importance.  It is necessary for a professional make-up and hair stylists to do up the model for a photo shoot. Investing in such type of service is a must as this is the main asset on which the model is to be promoted. Cutting costs on make-up, hairstyle and photo shoot expenses will result in an unprofessional portfolio”

Not planning for the Dresses

“A model needs to discuss with the model coordinator/photographer before the actual photo shoot as to what kind of dresses should be used. If the model is not maintaining a proper structure, then a swim suit will be totally inappropriate. Similarly, if the model is too fat, then wearing a tight dress will be awkward. Further if the model is going to wear sleeveless tops, and shorts, then care should be taken that hair removal is done. Planning would do a lot of help in order to get a professional photo shoot done”

Not maintaining Mobile Etiquette

“During the photo shoot, most of the models, both male and female do not follow the etiquette of using a mobile phone. They usually go to the makeup room and spend a lot of time talking on the mobile thereby wasting the time of the photographer and the technical team. Mobiles need to be put on silent mode and could be checked once in a while.”

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