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Acting Lessons

Facial Expressions

Acting is Reacting

Observation and Acting         

Mono Acting    

Role Play   

Situational Acting

Getting into the Character  

Preparation for Acting   

In-depth Character Analysis                                         

Clothing and Make-up                                                

Hands and Acting                                             

Basics of Acting Roles                                            

Acting Deaf/Mute/Blind   

Body Language and Acting                 

Crying in Acting                                            

Man acting as a woman                                             

Female playing male character                 

Able-Bodied Actor playing Disabled Characters

Acting as a Dead Body

Want to be a Villian?Learn from Pran

Rich and Arrogant to Poor, Blind,Leper-M.R.Radha

Poor,Arrogant to Rich Arrogant Gangster-Al Pacino

Great Acting Revisited-Al Pacino-Scent of a Woman

Acting with No Co-Actors,No Dialogues (RobertRedford)

Comical Acting - Learn from Jim Carey

How to Act Drunk

Comedy Acting - Tips

Profile of a stuggling actor

Acting is a profession

Tips for an aspiring comedian

Tips for Acting Dual Roles in Films


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