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               KreaEdge Websolutions Private Limited is recognized as a Startup Company by the Government of India.
Key2films.com is promoted by KreaEdge WebSolutions Private Limited, a Company based in Chennai, INDIA. The Board of Directors are 1.Srivatsan Subramanian, 2. SS Venkataraman and 3. K. Shivakumar . Each Director has over 30 years of experience in different fields of expertise. Further, the Company has already got a few eminent personalities from the film industry as Advisors to the Board. Shortly, more prominent and active film personalities from throughout the world of cinema will be joining in as Advisors/Investors. For any queries, kindly write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ABOUT Key2films

Key2films connects Movie Aspirants to Movie Makers, Worldwide. The Website has registrants from over 200 Countries. A Movie Aspirant can choose from over 22 Categories that are available to showcase his/her talent in the movie industry. The website is the first of its kind in the world and is gaining huge popularity day by day.


Key2films.com –is a website that bridges the gap between movie aspirants looking to enter the film industry and movie makers looking for fresh talent. Key2films showcases the talent of prospective movie aspirants and links them together with registered movie makers throughout the industry. The site allows users to upload photo images and videos of themselves for free and allows film professionals to select the right candidate and contact them directly for a chosen role. Key2films eliminates the middle man and the wasted time and hassle of running around to multiple agencies. Varied selections of aspiring candidates are presented on the site with no fees and no delays. Directors and producers can browse through the images, select and then wait for a response. The candidate will be informed of the selection and once they approve, both the candidate and the film professional’s email ID will be swapped thus establishing the link.
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