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Profile of a struggling actor

In recent times the profile and definition of the struggler has changed. Previously, they were coming from prosperous states like Gujarat, Punjab and sometimes only from poor state like UP and Bihar as they saw their idols from their native places and thought if the stars could so could they.

Take for instance in Gujarat there is no poverty so they can afford to come to Mumbai and struggle in order to establish themselves. An acting aspirant's parents back him up with finances in the hope to see him become famous is the new trend. Most of them produce a film also. But those with no money to sustain themselves for a long term are the ones prone to exploitation by unscrupulous elements hence having a back up job is necessary.

After few regional actors success the flow of aspirants from UP & Bihar increased . The TV serials too are responsible for the increase in flow, as they are aired and watched the most in smaller towns of India influencing and brainwashing them.

There are also the NRIs from Canada, US, UK and a few European countries making their way to Bollywood in the hope of getting meaty roles in films and often are spotted doing various item numbers. Earlier the trend was to win a beauty contest to get noticed and then land on the Indian shores to find work for themselves in Bollwyood but now even a small model is getting glamour.

Presently, Bollywood has witnessed an influx of professionals from highly specialized fields such as software engineering, doctors and MBA, but the ratio of struggler against successful actors is a dismal 100:2 to be specific.

According to a researches and surveys, each day, there are around 2000 aspiring actors coming in to Mumbai from various parts of the world and most of them are from educated and rich families. They have the money to live the highlife and socialise and network (for work) in parties and clubs.

Therefore, opportunities for middle class persons have shrunk further, as they do not have the means to follow up on their careers in this elitist fashion. Moreover, even if one is called to audition for a role, there are 50 options for one role, narrowing the chances of landing the job.

One such example is Chimpu Kapoor, son of the legendary Raj Kapoor, whose first film Ram Teri Ganga Maili was a raging hit. Yet, Chimpu could not make his place in the film world. Iconic star Amitabh Bachchan's son Abhishek struggled for too long to get good films so one knows that although money matters but at the end of the day the real talent is spotted in some way or the other. Until then, the struggle will continue. 

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